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Stories from CANY Advocates

Stories from CANY Advocates

CANY Advocate Rachel Quote

Having good air quality means a better future for
all of us.

Rachel, Clean Air NY Advocate

CANY Julien Quote

Naomi and Julien standing by car

Clean Air NY Advocate, Julien on carpooling:

"Go for it! You meet people. Have conversations. The drive doesn't seem as long. We all save money, preserve the environment, and decrease the number of cars on the road."

CANY Cara Quote

Girl on train

Clean Air NY Advocate, Cara on the next generation:

"I take the train to work, and walk whenever I can. I'm not perfect, but I try my best, and always try to teach my daughter that her actions matter. Even at age 3, she will never leave her light on, and she loves the train - which I call a Clean Air victory!"

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To become a Clean Air NY Advocate, submit a photo and a story about you participating in a "Clean Air Action." You'll also receive air quality updates.

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Story Submission Criteria

Criteria for Image

  • A photo that depicts something you did to improve air quality. For example:
    • a selfie of you on a bike or carpooling with your friends or co-workers
    • a picture of your view out the train window
    • a picture of your walk to work
    • a selfie of you walking further instead of idling
    • a picture you are filling up your gas tank after dark

Criteria for Quote

Tell us about your Clean Air NY action, or why improving air quality is important to you. For example:

  • “Having good air quality means a better future for all of us.”
  • “This is a photo of me taking the train to work instead of driving. I try to commute sustainably at least once a week
  • “I learned to refill my gas tank after work from Clean Air NY, and have made it a habit.”
  • “Air quality is important to me because I have a young child. Here is a picture of her on the train. I always try to teach her that her actions matter.”