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511NY Rideshare

511NY Rideshare is New York State's home for ridematching, commuter and traveler services that can help you find a smarter and greener way to get where you're going. We provide information and resources to help commuters, travelers and employers find easy, affordable, and appealing alternatives to driving alone. Whether you are looking for information on ridesharing, vanpooling, workplace commuter benefits, public transportation, bicycling, walking, or telework, 511NY Rideshare can help.

511NY Rideshare serves the entire state of New York, and we strive to provide localized information wherever possible. We are continually working with stakeholders and regional agencies to offer customized services to meet your travel needs.

511NY Rideshare is a vital feature of the free 511NY system that is building a smarter, multimodal transportation network coordinating road, train and bus information to get you connected to go. This smarter traffic system is a public benefit service sponsored by the New York State Department of Transportation.


511 New York is the free, official one-stop, all-encompassing telephone and Web service offering information on transportation services and conditions throughout New York State. This information is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

511 is the national three-digit phone number reserved for travel information. The phone service is an interactive voice system reachable by landline and cellular phones and driven by a user's voice or phone keys. A personalized TransAlert subscription service provides notifications of major incidents and can be customized to give alerts by county.

Service became available statewide in June 2009, with a mobile website, mobile applications for the BlackBerry and Android, and the MY511NY enhancements announced in 2010. Additional enhancements are expected throughout 2011.

New York State's 511 services aim to meet the specialized needs of commuters, long-distance and through travelers, tourists and commercial vehicle operators. With an easy way to find trip-planning resources, traffic conditions, weather updates and alternative transportation information, 511 NY helps you control your travel so you can travel smarter. Save time and money and reduce stress. The system helps all travelers, even those who don't use the service. When you and others use 511 NY to avoid a traffic jam, highway incident or other congestion, you reduce the traffic load at the problem location. Emergency responders can reach the scene more easily and drivers who are stuck in congestion caused by an accident can get out faster.

By making it simple for you to learn about and to start using alternative transportation options – such as carpools, vanpools, ride-sharing, buses, trains, ferries, bicycling and more; 511 NY can help to reduce overall traffic congestion, air pollution and energy use. 511 NY is groundbreaking in bringing together a multitude of transportation information available in New York State in one easy-to-use portal. With 511 NY, you no longer need many individual phone numbers and Web sites.

New York's transportation agencies, who provide the information that drives the 511 NY system, have made this service possible. 511NY was developed through the leadership of the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT).

The New York State Department of Transportation provides the 511 NY Web site for informational purposes only. The Department makes neither warranties, guarantees nor representations of any kind as to the content, accuracy or completeness of the information contained in either its Web site or in the sites of any links it provides herein.